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Nginx: Cannot allocate memory

Recently I faced one weird issue with Nginx and suddenly getting an error on restarting Nginx "Cannot allocate memory" issue as showing in the following image. When I tried free -g command, memory was available and there was no recent configuration change.  Then I started looking into config files and found this line in one of them: #Working for odoobiz proxy_cache_path /var/odoo/bzcache/ levels=1:2 keys_zone=my_cache:6000m max_size=6g inactive=60m use_temp_path=off; Here I was setting more memory - around 6G and available was only 4G for cache, and when I changed the settings to the following, it worked! #Working for odoobiz proxy_cache_path /var/odoo/bzcache/ levels=1:2 keys_zone=my_cache:2000m max_size=3g inactive=60m use_temp_path=off; So, if you are facing any such issue, please check your configuration files and see if somewhere you are allocating more memory then available. I hope this post will help someone else as well! Thanks! Enjoy Programming!

Firefox ServiceWorker Error: When hitting Odoo homepage in Firefox

In this article, I am writing about the error I faced only in the Firefox browser while accessing the home page of the website developed in Odoo. Issue: It was throwing this error to me in Firefox browser First I thought, it's due to some javascript error or something related to Odoo and after spending some time, I was convinced that it's a Firefox bug. Here are the reference links: Now the question is, why does this occurs and how to avoid it. Actually, user settings for the client browser play a big role here. Please make sure that the  "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed" option is not selected as shown in the screenshot. If you remove this tick, it will work immediately. But if you want this tick set, you can use "Manage Exceptions". Add your website and click on the "Allow"  button. Then it works, even with the "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox closes" option. T

Elasticsearch Explained: Trying to create too many scroll contexts. Must be less than or equal to 500

Hello Everyone, today we are going to discuss the following  Error in Elasticsearch " Trying to create too many scroll contexts. Must be less than or equal to: [500]. This limit can be set by changing the [search.max_open_scroll_context] setting" Let's try to understand why this occurs and how we can solve it. When & Why this error trigger? As the title indicates, this error will come if you are using scroll API and especially multiple scrolls Scrolls are expensive to run concurrently and reserves the resources for that particular time. For each scroll ID, there is a unique point-in-time view of the current set of segments preserved for that scroll. This hangs on to files and related caches that would otherwise be removed by the constant segment rewriting that happens while indexing is active. This is why it is especially resource-intensive to do concurrently. Let's dive a little deeper. In order to use scrolling, the initial search request should specify the  sc

Elasticsearch: Copy Index Structure

Use Case: Let's say, you already have an index on one Server1 and you want to create a new index with the exact structure on Server2 . What you should do? Solution:  1. Copy the index structure from Server1 . Let's say your index name is: product-data-index and you can access the settings here: https://x.x.x.x:9200/product-data-index/_settings { "product-data-index" : { "settings" : { "index" : { "routing" : { "allocation" : { "include" : { "_tier_preference" : "data_content" } } }, "number_of_shards" : "5" , "provided_name" : "product-data-index" , "max_result_window" : "30000" , "creation_date"

JamfAAD (Intune) on Macs - Sign-in Errors

 Hi, Today, I faced one weird problem when I changed my O365 password. This pop-up was appearing every few minutes after pressing the cancel button and it was throwing me to 404 URL after pressing the continue button which was completely irritating and frustrating. After spending some time looking into this issue, I found a small trick. 1. Open the Safari browser and make it the default one. 2. Next time when this popup comes, press the Continue button. That's it and the issue is resolved. :) Thanks!! Enjoy Programming!! :)

Manual Odoo Migration from One Server to Another

Today, we will go through a step-by-step process to move running odoo from one server to another server Note:   I assume odoo is already installed and working fine with demo/test DB. Before migrating your Odoo application from one server to another server, it's important to take all the precautionary measures and backup all the data - Database, Code, and Files. Let's start: I - Backup Step-1 . Database Backup  You can use Odoo Database Manager - /web/database/manager link to perform this activity. But if the database is too big, please use pg_dump command from PostgreSQL. Here is the example: pg_dump -W -F t odoo13 > ~/odoo13_28062021.tar Note: Make sure that you are logged in as postgres or odoo user to perform this activity. Step-2 . Backup of custom modules The next step is to take a backup of all of your custom code. Mostly, It will be in your /odoo/custom/  and /odoo/enterprise/ directories. You can use scp command to directly copy your directories from one serve

Odoo Error: The 'odoo.addons.web' package was not installed in a way that PackageLoader understands.

 If you are facing this error in odoo12 It means the proper package version of Jinja2 is not installed. Try installing this one: pip3 install Jinja2==2.10.1 It should solve your problem. Thanks!!! Enjoy Programming! :)

Elasticsearch Error: Format version is not supported

When I downgraded Elasticsearch 7.10 to 7.6, I was not able to restart the elasticsearch service and was facing these errors: and  “Format version is not supported” After diagnosing the issue and going through a number of web URLs, I come to know that the following line in the elasticsearch.yml file will fix my issue. cluster.initial_master_nodes: ["x.x.x.x"] OR  cluster.initial_master_nodes:  master - node - a     I hope it will help someone and save their time too. Thanks!!! Enjoy Programming!! :)