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Odoo 10: Link external url to menu

Hi, following code can be used to link menu to external url: <record id="external_link" model="ir.actions.act_url">         <field name="name">Odoobiz</field>         <field name="type">ir.actions.act_url</field>         <field name="target">new</field>         <field name="url"></field> </record> <menuitem action="external_link" name="Odoobiz" id="menu_odoobiz_link" parent="website_blog.menu_website_blog_root"/> This code will create Odoobiz menu under Blog menu and link it to . This will open link in new tab. If you want to open it in same tab itself. Please use - <field name="target">self</field> Thanks!!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming!! :)

PostgreSQL: Scheduler to take db backup every two hours

Hi, Today we are going to write a scheduler to take PostgreSQL db dump every two hours in ubuntu OS. 1. Create a folder called backup in your home directory where we are going to store all the dump files. 2. Because it's cron script so can provide password at runtime, we are going to store required details in ~/. pgpass file in following format hostname:port:database:username:password localhost:5432:mydb:user1:test123 don't forget to change it's permission to 0600 ( chmod 0600 ~/.pgpass ) Note: You can change localhost with Server IP if you have 3. Create a file to write script for db backup. Let's create it in home directory itself and call it Add following command to the file. pg_dump -d mydb -h localhost -p 5432 -U user1 -w  | gzip > /home/ubuntu/backup/$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H:%m:%s).psql.gz It will save the dump file with date and time as name. e.g  2017-09-16-07:09:1505546517.psql.gz Don't forget to make

Odoo10: Automatically Update Currency Exchange Rates

Hi, we have developed a module to automatically update currency exchange rates with respect to your company's base currency. This module can be used with any of the following API: OANDA EXCHANGE RATE API CURRENCYLAYER EXCHANGE RATE API  FOREX CURRENCY CONVERSION API You can buy this module directly from us or from using following url: Thanks!!!! Enjoy Programming!! :)

Odoo10: Invoice Report with Bank Details

Hi, we have developed a module which will help companies to add bank details on invoice. You can download the same from Thanks!!!! Enjoy Programming :)

Odoo 10 Backend Themes

Hi, we have developed some free backend themes to help community and individual people who don't like default theme from odoo You can download these themes from following links and make changes as per your personal and business needs: Thanks!!! Enjoy Programming :)