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Safari SVG Sprite Issue

Few days back, my team faced an issue with svg sprites not working in Safari browser. Tried number of options to make it work but in vain. Finally from some post(don't remember page url) we found this solution and it worked like a charm!! :) <svg>     <use xlink:href="/media/icons/sprite.svg#sprite_id"></use> </svg> Thanks!!! Enjoy Programming :)

CakePHP: JS and CSS files are not loading

When I faced this issue with one of my projects and searched over the internet, out of the suggested solutions, nothing worked. Anyhow, with some luck and R&D, I was able to fix this issue. Hence, sharing it with a larger group to help others who are or will face the same issue as mine.  If apache is your web server and your CakePHP project is in /var/www/html/ folder then please make sure that  AllowOverride All enabled for /var/www/html To enable AllowOverride All for /var/www/html following is an example for  /etc/apache2/sites-available/ 000-default.conf <VirtualHost *:80 >         # The ServerName directive sets the request scheme, hostname and port that         # the server uses to identify itself. This is used when creating         # redirection URLs. In the context of virtual hosts, the ServerName         # specifies what hostname must appear in the request's Host: header to         # match this virtual host. For the de

Django, Eclipse and virtualenv setup

1. Create Virtual Environment ~ pip install virtualenv ~ virtualenv venv 2. Download & install Eclipse 3. Install PyDev Go to Help -> Eclipse Marketplace -> Search PyDev and install it. 3. Each django virtual environment will be having new workspace and have to use virtual environment interpreter.  Setup Python interpreter: Eclipse -> Preferences -> PyDev -> Python Interpreter Add new interpreter New -> Set Interpreter Name -> Interpreter Executable(venv/bin/python) Let's say new interpreter name is: customenv Note: You can skip this step at this moment and add the interpreter at the time of creating a project. 4.   Create New Project -> PyDev -> PyDev Django Project If Interpreter is not set till now, please set it now from step 3 Enter Project Name and Select Interpreter(customenv) -> Finish 5. Right Click on  Project Name-> Properties -> PyDev - Django -> Django settings module (set project s

Odoo: MIGS Payment Gateway Integration

After Mollie it's time to work on MIGS Payment Gateway Integration with Odoo . I have done with development and you can contact me if need any kind of help in form of it's integration, coding problems or working structure. If you are interested in buying this module, you can contact me @: . Note: MIGS Payment Acquirer Module(Odoo 8) is also available for sale on Odoo webshop. Buy Here Thanks!!!! Enjoy Programming :)