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Django, Eclipse and virtualenv setup

1. Create Virtual Environment ~ pip install virtualenv ~ virtualenv venv 2. Download & install Eclipse 3. Install PyDev Go to Help -> Eclipse Marketplace -> Search PyDev and install it. 3. Each django virtual environment will be having new workspace and have to use virtual environment interpreter.  Setup Python interpreter: Eclipse -> Preferences -> PyDev -> Python Interpreter Add new interpreter New -> Set Interpreter Name -> Interpreter Executable(venv/bin/python) Let's say new interpreter name is: customenv Note: You can skip this step at this moment and add the interpreter at the time of creating a project. 4.   Create New Project -> PyDev -> PyDev Django Project If Interpreter is not set till now, please set it now from step 3 Enter Project Name and Select Interpreter(customenv) -> Finish 5. Right Click on  Project Name-> Properties -> PyDev - Django -> Django settings module (set project s