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Zend Framework 2.2.5 installation on WAMP

I am newbie to Zend Framework, was trying to install Zend Framework 2.2.5 on WAMP 2.4 but struggled a lot. After couple of hours I got a link which helped me to install ZF2 just in minutes, so sharing the same. Hopefully it will help someone like me in future.   Thanks!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming J

How to configure a static ip in Linux using Console?

Configuring your Linux machine to run on a static IP is easy. You can do that both from Console and GUI. This tutorial is to  configure a static ip in Linux using Console. Follow following steps :    a)  Go to      # cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/     Every network interface will have it’s own interface script files.          For Ex - eth0,eth1,eth2 etc.   b) Edit ifcfg-eth1 interface script file for interface eth1.       Replace the contents of the ifcfg-eth1 file with the parameters below.     # vi ifcfg-eth1      DEVICE=eth1     NETMASK=     # If you're having problems with gated making      #  a martian, you can change this to something else      #  (, for example)     ONBOOT=yes     NAME=loopback  c) Save the file and restart your interface to apply changes.      # ifdown eth1  

Github : ignore files

Recently I have started working with git version control system and I’m loving it, especially the Git bash.  Usually in each and every project there are some files which we don’t want to commit and push on live again and again. For example configuration files and db files once committed don’t need to be modify again for live site. In such cases to stop manual intervention git provide us the facility to ignore files. Let’s discuss:   We can ignore files in two ways. 1) Using .gitignore file :  If you don’t want some files to be added and want to ignore them while uploading on  server, then you can use .gitignore file. For example you have a file named bkp_config.php and while pushing you code live you don’t want to push that file. In such cases you can use .gitignore file.    There are again two scenarios. a)      Files have already been tracked. Means first you have added the files, committed them and then pushed them on master repository.