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How to Install PostgreSQL 12 on CentOS/RHEL/OEL 7

This article will help you to install PostgreSQL 12 on CentOS/RHEL/OEL 7 system. 1.  Configure Yum Repository # rpm -Uvh 2. Install PostgreSQL 12 on CentOS # yum install postgresql12-server 3. Initialize PGDATA # /usr/pgsql-12/bin/postgresql-12-setup initdb PostgreSQL 12 default data directory location is /var/lib/pgsql/12/data 4. Enable PostgreSQL Server on reboot # systemctl enable postgresql-12.service 5. Start PostgreSQL Server # systemctl start postgresql-12.service 6. Verify PostgreSQL Installation # su - postgres -c "psql" psql (12.0) Type "help" for help. postgres=#   You may create a password for user Postgres for security purposes. postgres=# \password postgres Thanks!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming!!! :) Referecnce:

Odoo 12: Unable to find Wkhtmltopdf on this system.

Hi, First of all very Happy New Year-2019 to each and everyone. Today, I am going to post my first article of this year. I hope it will help people. Today's post is about Wkhtmltopdf error for odoo12. Even after you install Wkhtmltopdf you may encounter this error if you are not installing the compatible version needed for odoo12. Odoo version: Odoo 12.0 (Community Edition) Error: OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS For Wkhtmltopdf compatible versions please follow the link: For different Wkhtmltopdf verions: Solution steps: sudo wget or try another URL: sudo wget sudo dpkg -i wkhtmltox_0.12.1.3-1~bionic_amd64.deb sudo apt-get install -f sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf /usr/bin sudo ln -s /usr/l